Hi there!  Well, as you probably saw on the home page, my name is Ella.  I'm fifteen, I'm home schooled, I'm a daughter of God, and a big sister to one sister and three brothers.  I'm a daughter to my awesome parents too.  Some of my hobbies include, baking, writing, reading, blogging, and I like to do DIYs when I have the time.

I've read blogs for about a year and a half now, and I first had a gardening blog.  Then I got more into fashion/lifestyle blogs like A Beautiful Mess, A Sheepish Girl, Sincerely, Kinsey and Smile and Wave.  I thought it would be fun to have my own.  My blog was first called Josephine Penelope – a name I always liked – and it has evolved somewhat since then.  It is now called An Old-Fashioned Girl, based on a book by Louisa May Alcott – one of my favorite authors – which was about an old-fashioned girl with "old-fashioned" ideals about fashion, modesty, God, family, etc.  It was one of my favorite books ever, and I felt like I was, too, an old-fashioned girl.

One of the underlying themes you will find in my blog is modesty.  I like to wear tank tops in the summer, but I do not wear tops with spaghetti straps, dresses that come more than two inches above the knee, jeans that are so tight it's difficult to move... you get the point.  I believe that my body – and all of our bodies – are for our future husbands, not for the world to look at.  I also believe that by dressing sensually, I am causing people to sin when I fuel sinful thoughts/emotions, etc.  Please understand that I am not perfect by any means, just ask my mom.  :)  I have a lot to work on and a lot of growing to do in my Christian walk.

So, what's this blog about?  Well, my blog title describes them in a nutshell.  I like Etsy, so things from there will be featured once in a while here.  I like to put together outfits, so those are on here too.  Once in a while, when I'm on a creative streak, I'll pop in a few DIYs too.

I hope you enjoy my blog; have a great day!



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