Etsy Betsy – Shop Review!

Hi there!  I hope you're enjoying the wonderful fall weather like me and catching up on those lattes and sweater-wearing outfits.  Recently I've begun to buy my cards from Etsy, which is the best idea I've had in a long time.  I love working with people from Etsy because they're, live and they care about your satisfaction.  I mainly buy b-day cards and thank yous because I like to send birthday cards to my friends and I have a lot to be thankful for. :)  Anyway, today I'm going to share several shops that sell cards on Etsy and say what I like about each one.

First up is Tabletop Made.  This company actually sells their cards at Anthropologie too.  I love their cards because they're high-quality, and they come in a kraft envelope, which I love.  I also like the wittiness of their cards.  And very elegant packaging.  Nice and simple.  I bought this card for my witty friend.  I just love it.  I'll also add that they have super fast shipping.  I live in Indiana and they are based in California.  I got it in 2-3 days!
Next up is Parrott Design Studio.  They have really pretty cards.  The details are so awesome.  I like their fun envelopes which happily coordinate with the card.   And, being the sucker for pretty packaging that I am, they get an A+.  They also have super fast shipping.  I've bought two cards from them and both experiences have been great.  I'll also add that once I did have a question about something and I got a quick, friendly response.  I love companies that do their best to make their customers happy.  That last statement is true with all the shops I'm featuring today. 
Next is Stone and Feather Paper.  I bought recipe cards from them, but they still qualify as cards, don't you think?  Anyway, they are lovely recipe cards.  I gave them to my mom for Christmas last year, and she loved them.  Also, good shipping rates and friendly communication.
Finally, Happy Dappy Bits.  This is a really fun company.  They have a quirkiness that makes their cards perfect for anyone from the little girl I babysit to my dad!  The card I bought from them I actually did give to the little girl I babysit.  I can imagine she loved it.  The had the cutest packaging and very friendly communication. This is the only card I've purchased from them, but I can assure you, I will be back! 
Well, that wraps up today's Etsy Betsy post!  Stay tuned for a DIY, and other good stuff coming up this weekend!  xo, Ella


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