DIY: Brooches to Magnets

Hi there!  A while ago I came up with a nifty little DIY to make my cool vintage brooches into something I could actually use.  I mean, there are so many awesome little brooches out there.  I just don't wear them on my clothes.  'Don't know why, I just never have.  Alright, I'll stop gabbin' and get down to business.  You'll need: cool brooches you can't bear to part with, wire pliers, magnets, super glue and felt. 

First, pull off the little pin thing on the back and try to make as smooth a spot as possible for the magnet.  Next, glue the magnet on and press it between your fingers until it dries. (You'll want to let it dry for an hour, at least) At that point, they'll be ready to use!  Now, that cute little daisy up there with the stem had a rough back to it, so the magnet would stay on very well.  So, I glued on a little piece of felt before putting on the magnet.  This is not the easiest to do; the felt can come off, so try to find brooches that have backs that look like they'll come off pretty easy. 

I love using these on my magnetic boards in my bedroom; they lend a really pretty vintage look.  Have a good weekend!  I hope to post a lot tomorrow.  xo, Ella 


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