Interior Design – Fresh + Clean

Hey there!  Today's post is about interior design, something which I have come to adore ever since following sfgirlbybay and A Merry Mishap.

My design preferences have changed about three times in the last year.  First, before I started reading blogs or blogging for that matter, I was really into the tribal/native/indian trend which had pervaded Etsy.  I, being on a team with lots of people really into that stuff, began adding feathers to my room, geometric/tribal patterns, etc.  That didn't last long.  Then, I discovered A Beautiful Mess, which led to my infatuation with retro and vintage stuff.  I still am in love with that by the way.  Now, though, my style is very eclectic.  I like vintage, scandinavian, modern, retro, etc.  I also really like the black + white/monochromatic trend.

Also, I have discovered that many of the spaces I like have white walls.  It's a common factor of any room I like.  I love white walls with wood floors – white or stained.  I like how the white walls become a blank canvas for your decor and furniture.  Often, with colored walls, you would have to base the furniture on whether they match the walls or not.  With white, however, you can add whatever you want!  I like white walls because you can add little colorful details.  I like white walls because they reflect light instead of absorbing it.  If you have natural lighting in a room, then, the white walls only enhance that luminous factor.  Which, by the way, is the best situation in which to take portrait photographs.

Following are some of my favorite spaces.  All of the photos are either from dwellingawker, sfgirlbybay, or A Merry Mishap.


source (check out the rest of this post; it's absolutely awesome)


source  Look at that white brick.  Ahhh...  White brick walls are the only thing better than shiny white wood floors. 

source  Loving the white walls and wide molding as well as that floor (oh my word), the bookcase back there, and the table/chairs.  That photograph's the essence of eclectic.  A little old, a little new, but a collection of beauty.  I want to live in that picture. 

source  1. I love little collections like that one above, especially when they're of little things.  2.  I will always love globes and little walls of inspiration.  3.  clean + fresh

That was a long one.  Here are a few more links to make you swoon.

A beautiful, white space 
Built-in shelves for pretty things
Wallpaper in children's room
Unique bohemian kitchen
White walls with muted colors

What interior design trends are you currently adoring?  Have a nice weekend!  xo, Ella


  1. Love all of it! Especially the white painted bricks and exposed beams. My husband and I have those two features in our house. We paired a few black rugs in the space and it looks so inviting.