Adventures in Photography

Hello!   I recently got a point + shoot camera for my b-day from mom and dad, and I've been photographing everything from shoes to clouds since.  My practice has ranged from taking self-portraits in front of mirrors to experimenting with backlighting.  Backlighting has been super successful, as I recently discovered how to get that "bokeh" effect with my photographs.  You can believe my excitement.  I about died.  Every week or so, I'll document my progress in learning more about photography.  For school right now, I'm researching for a paper about portrait photography.  Yes, I picked the subject.  :)  Natural lighting is obviously the best for portraits (or anything else for that matter).  Overcast days, soft window light, and open shade are the best conditions for photographs of any sort. 
 xo, Ella


  1. Congratulations! Your photos are amazing, I bet you must be a fast learner!