Musings – 10/13/12

Hi!  Well, yesterday, my dad, brother and I had our traditional outing at Starbucks to read Knowing God at the crazy time of 6:30.  Oy!  This time, one of the chapters was about God's never changing.  It was a very good chapter that reminded me that God never changes, falters, or even changes His mind.  As humans, we change our minds like 5 times every five minutes.  (especially us women)  God, however, never changes!  Because He knows all things, we can completely trust in Him.  It's so awesome to have that kind of constant in our lives.  We can depend upon Him in every circumstance and through every trial.  In addition, His word, the Bible, won't ever contradict itself, and what it says, God will never refute.  You know how it is when you read a book about say, what foods are good for you and then later there's another study done and you discover that everything you read in that book were wrong or distorted?  Well, that never happens with the Bible.  Everything it says is absolutely true and can never change.  That's pretty awesome that we have a God like that to hold onto when the world around us seems to be getting more and more crazy all the time.  xo, Ella


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