DIYed – Doodled Jars

Hi again!  I've been drooling over this project in You Are Awesome now since I got the book for my birthday and I finally got to try it.  I had been looking in Amazon for paint pens, then I found one at Meijer when we went grocery shopping this weekend and bought it without a second thought.  And, believe me, I've fallen in love.  You will see more projects with paint pens around here very soon.  Anyway, let's get to the craft for today.
Aren't these so great!  I have a weird thing for glass jars, and this only makes them better.  You can do absolutely any design you want on them, and the pens are super easy to use.  All you have to do is shake with the cap on, then hold down on your surface for a while until the paint flows.  And it won't like, go all over the place.  Helpful hint: you might have to press the tip down for several moments for the paint to flow.  I thought it was dried up at first, so just be patient.  Okay, I'll stop talking and get to the point.

You will need:  smooth mason jar or other jar (whatever you have), extra-fine paint pen (I used just the fine; there is a extra-fine too), rubber band (optional).

What to do:  First, make sure your jar is clean.  Then, if you want, you can put the rubber band on the jar wherever if you want it as a guide to draw a straight line on the glass.  I didn't need a straight line, but had I used it, I'm sure mine would make less handmade. :)  Then doodle whatever design you like on your jar.  I did scallops, little lines, big lines, a herringbone pattern, triangles, little curly twirly things, and polka dots.  Let the paint dry (it dries quickly), and fill with whatever your heart desires.  Also, if you chose to use a mason jar with a sandwich lid, then you can doodle a design similar to the one on your jar on a circle of paper and sandwich it between the two lid pieces.  I wasn't using mason jars, so I didn't do this part and still had loads of fun.

I love how this craft is so easy, but fun.  I really like projects that only take a half hour or so, but still make life a little prettier.  Have fun doodling!  xo, Ella


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