Friday Pins

Hi there!  I've been loving bright colors and patterns this week, and that's carried over into my pins!  I am so excited about Christmas, and I've been swooning over packaging ideas and pretty twine, and ribbons and all that glorious stuff.  I hope you enjoy!
1.  Vanilla and Pear Pockets.  These look sooo good.  Eating these on a cold winter morning just sounds great.
2.  Pretty red ribbon.  I love pretty ribbon and this red stuff just suits my fancy.  Along with the gray wrapping, I would be quite happy to open this pretty package!
3.  DIY Felt Ornament.  I've been loving the pom-pom ornaments that've been floating around the blogosphere, and this felt version is a wonderful rendition!
4.  Cheerful sweatshirt.  I love the word hello.  It's even better in pretty lettering on a red shirt.  Yes, please!
5.  Red throw.  I like the swiss cross trend, and this red throw would look awesome on my bed. 
6.  Pretty jar.  I like the pattern on that jar; the orange and turquoise colors are pretty sweet.
7.  Nice pillow.  I'm a sucker for polka dots.  Duh.
8.  Pretty house.  Colored chairs and pops of color.  What's not to like?
9.  Fudgy Nutella Cookies with Sea Salt.  'Nuf said.
10.  Candy sticks.  These would look great in a big glass jar.  Or in my mouth.
11.  Christmas mantra.  So true.
12.  Striped onesie.  'Getting this for my future baby.  Totally.

Well, I hope those pins inspired you!  I'm planning on working on a big post on packaging ideas this coming weekend.  Christmas gets me so excited!  It's wierd.  I hope you have terrific Friday!  It's the last day before the weekend.  Yay!  xo, Ella


  1. I love the bright color palette here, it's so cheery!