Friday Pins

Hi there!  It's been such a rigorous week!  First, I learned this very interesting thing in Chemistry called Stoichiometry.  It was confusing until it clicked.  Now I even like it (heaven forbid)!  Thanksgiving was awesome as usual, and I'm resolved to be more thankful this coming year.

For this week's pins, there's a lot of floral and super feminine stuff in there.  That's unusual for me.  But anyway, I hope you enjoy this fit of girly-ness as I'm sure it won't last long. ;)
1.)  Pretty bed.  I love all those pretty layers and the white walls.  I like how there's an equal mix of solids and patterns.
2.)  When it is all finished, you will discover it was never random.  'Love that!
3.)  Christmas cookies!  I love that they're animals and nature things.
4.)  Pretty landscape.  Buttercups and water?  Ohh my.  I could live there.
5.)  Awesome skirt.  I like how there's a flowery skirt with roses.
6.)  Nice bag.  Leather bags always get me.
7.)  Blackberry thumbprint cookies.  Those look so good!
8.)  Herringbone skirt.  What could be better?  Only an orange purse with a jean shirt and black cardi.
9.)  Lovely roses
10.)  Pretty lace.  I like the stark, delicate lace against that bright orange.
11.)  Gorgeous garden.  I don't often use the word gorgeous.  But when I do, you know it's got to be good.
12.)  Cool-weather outfit.  I'm into sweaters right now.  Who's not?  They're even better with polka dots and a coral scarf.

Well, I hope you enjoyed those and I wish you a weekend as terrific as it can be!  xo, Ella


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