Friday Pins

Hello there!  This week my Pinterest is all about fall and winter.  Bring on those cozy blankets, cool temperatures and DIYs.  I hope you enjoy these pins!
1.)  This too shall pass.  A lovely quote by Minna So. 
2.)  Winter landscape.  One of my favorite things about winter is the scenery.  I can't get enough of those pretty pictures.
3.)  Cozy throws.  I love the textures of those throws.  They make me warm just looking at them.
4.)  Pretty tea towel.  Why am I thinking of flowers right now?  This towel makes me smile.  I love the flower garland around the girl's head.
5.)  Pretty napkins.  That's such a pretty print!  I love the navy too.
6.)  Washi Tape Frame.  What a great idea!  Totally trying this.
7.)  Pretty Interior.  Love all of those textiles!
8.)  Lovely fall.  I love the colors of fall, and this image says it best. 
9.)  Gilded pots.  I love that the gold kick is staying around.  These pots are so pretty!
10.)  Raspberry tart.  I'm still loving the flavors of summer, obviously. 
11.)  Inspiring quote.  What a good reminder.  I need this written on my palm.
12.)  Breathtaking scenery.  Oh my!  Isn't that the most pretty landscape you've ever seen?  What an excellent use of symmetry.  

I hope you enjoyed the links.  Have a great weekend!  xo, Ella


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