Blogger Resource Review

Hi there!  As a new blogger, I've tried to find resources that will help me be the best blogger I can be.  I've tried an e-course and read a blog on blogging and I'm currently taking another e-course.  I really enjoyed the book and first e-course, and I'm certain that the e-course I'm currently taking will be just as great.

The first e-course I took was by Elsie Larson called Blog Love.  It was about writing good, high-quality content.  I really enjoyed it.  It was super encouraging because she insisted that beginner bloggers write high-quality content and they will get readers who connect with their content.  I would say that that e-course was terrific for me.  It gave me ideas for blog posts, gave me stuff to do when I have blogger's block, and was really helpful with advertising ideas.  I highly recommend it for beginner bloggers!

The book I read was by Joy Cho and Meg Mateo Illasco.  Called Blog, Inc., it covered everything from content to making your blog your job.  It was really good.  I would recommend it for both beginners and long-time bloggers.  Something really nice was that after each chapter, there was an interview from a top blogger about that chapter's topic.  That was good.  I loved the book because it gave practical tips.  I love those.

The e-course I'm taking right now is by Elsie again, and it's called Blog (Design) Love.  It's her new one with Elise Blaha.  I just started it and it's going to be awesome.  I was just thinking about CSS and coding for design, and then this came out!  It was so awesome.  I'm enjoying the straightforward way of going about collecting inspiration, and I'm creating moodboards for my design.  I love doing it.  The course was only $34, and for all the information you receive, it's a very reasonable price.

I really enjoyed all of these resources; I definitely recommend them for bloggers of any experience!  xo, Ella  


  1. Hi! I just stumbled onto your blog looking for a review of blog (design) love. I'm looking into getting it. I was just wondering, is there anything in the course about formatting photos for a blog? Thanks!

    1. Hi, Jessa! While they do not specifically talk about formatting photos for a blog, they do talk about making photos a consistent size and designing content. There isn't a specific session on formatting photos though. 'Hope that helps! xo, Ella

    2. Nicoles Classes is a great resource Jessa, that & Blogshop along with the classes maybe from Pugly Pixel are a powerful combination