Nov. 3 – Musings

Hi there!  I hope you all are enjoying your weekends and the lovely fall weather.  I'm starting to stock up on warm sweaters.  'Love this time of year!

I've taken a break on my 'musings' posts because last weekend we were out of town, and I didn't have time to do it when we got back.  The last couple chapters of our book 'Knowing God' have been about God's wisdom.  It is so amazing to think about.  It is also really comforting and reassuring.  The writer takes the lives of three men of the Bible – Abraham, Jacob, and Joseph – and breaks them down to illustrate God's wisdom in their lives.  He shows that each of these men started out as anything but Godly.  Abraham was not a leader, he was not confident in himself or in God, and he was a push-over.  In the end though, God turned each man into a man of God.  They became humble, strong-of-heart, and ready to take on anything because of their faith in God.   The chapter prompted us to view our lives the same way – we started as weak sinners, but God in His wisdom is always shaping us and refining us to become more like Himself.  In addition, we were reminded that so much of what we go through every day, the little and big struggles, are being used by God to transform our lives.  Each day that we surrender to God allows Him to take it and use it to change our hearts. I know that I have the tendency to groan and complain when things aren't going my way.  I need to stop more often and thank (yes, I said thank) God for those little things that He's using to mold my heart. 

I hope you have a great rest of the weekend.  Hopefully I can post an outfit in the near future as well as a DIY!  xo, Ella


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