Calendars for 2013

Hi, there!  Well, the new year is fast approaching, and so I've put together some calendars to keep you straight this year.  I have a weird thing for calendars; they always attract me.  They're even more awesome when you have pretty artwork to greet you each new month.  Sooo... let's get started!
No. 1 is a sticky calendar to keep all your to-dos straight.  It would be very practical.  No 2. is a cute owl calendar with a new colorful owl for each month.  No. 3 is a hilarious calendar called Jaunty Animals.  Each month, it has a new animal doing something season-appropriate.  I think it looks like a lot of fun.  No. 4 is a Rifle Paper Co. calendar that has a new city of the world each month.  I actually own this one, and can attest to its pretty illustrations and design.  No. 5 is a funky modern calendar with a new design each month.  I loooove this calendar.  No. 6 is a big calendar that has pretty neon pink flowers on the side.  Sooo pretty!  No. 7 is a really pretty calendar from Ruche.  Its twelve pages each contain a fashionable lady.  This would be the one for the fashionista.  No. 8 is a beautiful, nature-inspired wall calendar.  All the little wildlife illustrations make it perfect for a child's room or for the budding zoologist.  Finally, No. 9 is a dog calendar.  Simply designed, this calendar lets the pooch be the star of the show. 

Okay, I hope you liked those!  I wonder if it would be weird to have more than one calendar in a room.  ;)  xo, Ella


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