Friday Pins

Hi there!  So, I kinda forgot about Friday Pins the last few times, but we are back in business!  I had a very fun and colorful collage this week, and I'm excited to share what's been inspiring me. 
1.  This is a very inspiring interior I found.  I love the white walls and gray couch surrounded by pops of color.
2.  I love this shot of an ice cream cone.  It reminds me that beauty can be found ANYWHERE!
3.  This is a cool print.  I love fonts!
4.  Chalkboard blocks.  Such a neat idea!
5.  A very practical striped shirt.  I like stripes a lot.
6.  This is probably the prettiest watch I've ever seen.  That color is stunning with the gold.
7.  Those bookshelves are awesome.
8.  A very prettily wrapped package.  Those pompoms are to die for.
9.  Chalkboard paint on glass gets me every time.  It's awesome.
10.  A pretty fish print.  'Would be soooo cute in a kids' room.
11.  A pencil sharpener called Gepetto's pencil sharpener.  I love the quirkiness!
12.  Striped J. Crew sweater.  Hey, at least it's not black and white like the other three in my closet!  I have brilliant excuses for my stripes addiction, mind you!

Okay, well, I hope you enjoyed those pins!  Have a great night (Friday nights are. the. best.), and I'll see you later!  xo, Ella


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