Etsy Betsy

Hi there!  I'm here today to share a few finds from Etsy.  I realize the gift tags are a little late, but hey, you still have 10 days!  No. 1 is an awesome, minimalistic diamond print.  I love the geometric feel of it.  No. 2 is a wooden camera perfect for a budding photographer.  Some of the dials even turn as well as the lens, so it's sure to keep them snapping away!  No. 3 is a bright and cheerful 2013 calendar.  The season-appropriate artwork is so fun and it comes with a neat metal clip for hanging.  I want it – bad.  No. 4 is a beautiful wooden animal set for the kiddos.  You can tell I'm into the wood toys.  No. 5 is a super pretty cowl scarf.  She offers them in a myriad of colors, so you can choose whatever hue your heart desires.  This would be perfect for those cold snowy days haunting your local coffeehouse.  ;)  No. 6 is a geometric ornament DIY.  It stole my heart.  There are several color schemes to choose from, so go nuts!  Yes, I realize it's a little late this year, but get it for next year!  No. 7 is a vintage candle holder.  I cannot tell you how much I loooove this beauty.  It's white, which is perfect, and yes, that texture is from real tree bark.  What could be more awesome?  Nothing.  No. 8 are teal sweater gift tags.  If you are having a super late Christmas, you may be able to purchase them in time.  Anyway, do it for next year.  They are super cute, don't you agree?

I hope you enjoyed those Etsy finds!  Do have a happy weekend and I'll see you later!  xo, Ella


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