Gift Ideas!

Hi there!  Pinterest is host to a wealth of gift ideas, and I just thought I'd share a few that piqued my fancy. 
1.  Kate Spade iPhone case.  Perfect for the fashion-conscious techie!
2.  My Type Brooch.  This is so cute.
3.  Hand-painted pot.  Adorable!  Maybe for a niece?
4.  Stuffed bears.  For the little one, of course.
5.  Fair Isle Mittens.  For when the weather outside is frightful...
6.  DIYed sweater.  The little guy is sure to love this!  The link is where you can buy it; I'm sure you could DIY one.
7.  Pretty scarf
8.  Harvest tea.  For the tea-drinker.
9.  A Merry Mishap Jewelry.  For the sister?
10.  Pretty bag. 
11.  Another pretty bag.  'Love those flowers.
12.  Homemade caramels.  Sure to be a hit for everyone!
13.  Chalboard tablet for the guy(or girl).
14.  Beechwood Earbuds.  For anyone.
15.  Gray and neon scarf.  I love this a lot.  I'm sure any girl would.

I hope you enjoyed those gift ideas!  xo, Ella