Apple Lime Smoothie // New Series

Good morning!  Today I wanted to share a recipe with you and announce a new series here on the blog.  I've been making smoothies for breakfast recently and I decided to write down the recipes and share them here on the blog.

The first smoothie is Apple Lime.  I like my smoothies healthy: I like some veggies along with the fruit.  This smoothie has kale in it.  If you can't find kale, then just throw in a handful of spinach.  I promise you, you can't taste the kale.  Also, kale is a superfood, so you're getting lots of good stuff in something that tastes good!  Okay, so now that you know my little secret, let's make a smoothie!
Serves 1


3/4 c. yogurt

1 banana

1 leaf of kale, rib removed (I used black kale)

1 apple

1 teaspoon lime juice

Several ice cubes

Grated lime peel for garnish

What to do:

Place all the ingredients in the blender and blend on high until smooth.  If you like your smoothies cold, throw in the ice.  Otherwise, leave them out.  Ice will make the smoothie a little more watery, but as the smoothie is rather thick before the ice, that's not a problem.  Pour into a glass, grate a little lime zest on top, and stick a straw in it!

I hope you enjoy it!  xo, Ella


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