Friday Pins

Hi there!  I'm here with my pins from the week.  I found lots of inspiring interiors and pretty hairstyles this week that I'm hoping to try out.  Also, I have got my taste buds salivating over a few recipes.  I hope you enjoy these!
Pretty, light interior.  I love the white walls, lots of light, and wood floor.
Teal birdy.  I love this color right now.  (Sorry, but the link was missing)  :(
Kraft packages.  I love the kraft paper with black twine.
Pretty braids.  This is such a feminine, kind of maiden-y looking hairstyle.  I love it!
Bedroom.  I love the gallery wall behind the bed and the throw.
Pretty flower arrangement.  Those colors are so pretty together.
Dress.  Gray and yellow polkas.  I love it!
Rosemary Straw Potatoes.  These look soooo good.
Bunny socks.  These would look so cute on someone little!
Quick and easy hair.  Three teeny buns look like a cinch to throw up.  And they're cute, no?
Chocolate eclairs.  I wonder how difficult these would be to make.  Because I'm sure they wouldn't be hard to eat...unfortunately.  ;)
Washi tape frames.  A creative and cheap way to emphasize those pretty images.  I'm thinking about doing this in my studio.

Alrighty, well that wraps it up for this week!  Have an awesome weekend!  xo, Ella