Friday Pins

Hi there!  I'm back today with the week's pins.  I have been super inspired this week and am ready to start off fresh.  I hope you are as inspired by these finds as I am!
1.  Black Raspberry Ice Cream.  With that picture and name, there's not much else to be said!
2.  Silk-Screened Paper.  I love that ornate design.  And I'm on a yellow kick.
3.  Some french desert.  Okay, yes, this has a name.  But doesn't that picture do it justice?
4.  A beautiful interior.  Dark floors, white walls, and artwork.  Yes, please!
5.  A little inspiration board.  Look at that!  It's a ruler that they've pinned stuff to.  Very proper for the sewer.
6.  Pear and Fennel Salad.  Oh my, this looks so good.  I'm going to try to eat more salad this year...
7.  Bluette Pendant.   Isn't this an awesome shade of blue?  Not green, but not completely blue.
8.  Quote.  What else is there to say?
9.  Organizing boxes.  Okay, these should get me to stay organized.
10.  Quote.  I'm almost there.  Except for school, that is.
11.  Portrait.  I love that black and white!  Sooo pretty.  I'm sorry I don't have a link for this... it was uploaded by user on Pinterest.
12.  Old chair, new fabrics.  I just think this is so inspiring to look at. 

Okay, 'hope you enjoyed all of those!  xo, Ella


  1. Hey girl,i found you and i like style of your blog and articles! I followed you and yes you inspiring me with this photo :) have a nice day