Roadtrip Log – Missouri Part 2

Hi, again.  I'm back to post about my Missouri trip.  This part will include my trip to Red Velvet.  I hope you enjoy!

Saturday morning we woke up in our Springfield hotel and it was raining.  :(  It was supposed to stop around noon, though, so we just drove around for a while seeing what all there was to do.  About noon, my mom, my sister and I split up from the guys and we went shopping while they went to Bass Pro Shops.  This collage is everything we did before lunch.  It includes lunch too, obviously.  And my shoes.  Don't laugh.

1. An amazing cinnamon roll we stopped and had Saturday morning while it was raining.  Ohhh my!  I about died.  2.  Letterpressing stamp things from a fantastic antique store (DIY coming).   4. Vintage photos from the same place.  5.  Me.  I was pretty excited that morning.  6. My salad at the Aviary Cafe where we stopped for lunch.  Despite the goat cheese, it was pretty delicious.  7.  The Aviary sign.   8. Crepes my mom had.  Amaaazing!  (I really need to come up with new adjectives.)  9. My shoes on the pretty floor tiles in the Aviary.  10. Umbrellas hanging from the ceiling.  What an awesome decoration, no?  11.  Mexican hot chocolate.  Mmm... 12.  The most delicious chicken tortilla soup ever.

Alright, on to Red Velvet!

The outside was cool and old looking.  I was kind of nervous going in because I didn't know what to expect.  I wasn't sure if I would find anything, if it'd be as cool as I had expected, etc.

Those girls in there sure have a knack for displays.  I love what they did with the doors.  I love vintage doors.  The atmosphere inside was pretty neat.  It was just really pretty.  That's how I would describe it.  It was like the blog in a store.  There were handmade things and vintage things.  It was pretty dark inside, but it added to the "vintage" feel.

Hatboxes covered a huge shelf over the front of the shop.  They were arranged kind of in disorderly piles which was a cute idea.

The dressing room.  They're all whited out, but there are Christmas lights over the top of the mirror.  :)

The Sweet Shoppe, which was, unfortunately, on a temporary vacation, was so sweet (no pun intended).  The paper flowers were awesome as well as all the candy in jars.  The decals on the display case were super neat too.  I would have loved to see Emma behind the counter, but I knew they were busy. 

The display you saw right when you walked in.  There were pretty squares of fabric on it, and pyrex dishes contained sunglasses, handmade bows and other pretties.  Okay, and guess who I got to meet?  I met Kinsey of Sincerely, Kinsey!  She was just walking out when we got inside, and I just managed to talk to her a little bit and get a picture with her.  It was pretty cool she was there.  I wasn't expecting to see her.  

As far as clothes go, I'm not super comfortable wearing vintage, so a lot of their stuff just wasn't me.  There was a ton of Red Velvet brand clothes there and they were really pretty, but I didn't want to spend my money on just one dress.  If I was comfortable wearing vintage, though, I would have walked out of there with lots of clothes because their vintage was all really reasonably priced.

Going to Red Velvet was definitely my favorite part of the trip.  It was neat to see it in real life instead of just on the computer screen.  I bought a typewriter case, which I'm hoping to DIY.  If any of you have suggestions for that endeavor, I am very willing to take ideas.  Coming up are more pictures of the edifice; I went a little crazy. 

I loved the whole trip so much; it was an awesome birthday gift.  And, as a great finish to a great trip, we stopped at Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie in St. Louis on the way home. 

Thanks for reading that super long post!  If you EVER have a chance to head to Springfield, I highly recommend it.  There are tons of other shops around there to hit too.  It was definitely a trip my family and I will remember forever!  xo, Ella


  1. Lovely photos! I've always wanted to visit missouri, and one day i will.


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